Beach Haven Jewish Center, 723 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY 11223 | | Tel: 718-375-5200 | Rabbi Silver: 347-267-0263

Our Center:



Welcome to the Beach Haven Jewish center.


This historic synagogue was founded in 1956 by the local Gravesend Jewish community. Many Jewish immigrants - seeking safer pastures and new opportunities following the atrocities of the Holocaust – made Gravesend their new home, and took residence in the luxury apartment complex: Beach Haven Apartments.


Taking a liking to his Jewish tenants, the project developer - real-estate mogul Mr. Fred Trump - donated the land upon which the center was built, and continuously supported its activities throughout his lifetime.


Thus, our name became - The Beach Haven Jewish Center.



Our Vision:


The Beach Haven Jewish center prides itself in its inclusive environment and welcoming atmosphere. Our goal is to create a vibrant Jewish community in the heart of Gravesend, where Jewish people of all backgrounds and affiliations can find a home.


We believe that spirituality is priceless. If you only have a searching heart and a curious mind, step inside and find something for you.


Our Rabbi & Rebbetzin:


Rabbi Shimmy Silver is a Brooklyn local, having grown up in the Chabad community of Crown Heights. His Rabbinic education took him to Yeshivot around the world, gaining valuable experience in Argentina, Russia, and Israel, until finally receiving his Rabbinic ordination in NY. He moved to Gravesend with his wife and 3 children in 2012, assuming the post as Rabbi of The Beach Haven Jewish Center.


Mrs. Sarah Silver was raised in Brighton Beach, NY, where her father serves as Rabbi of the local Russian community. After graduating from Beth Rivkah High School in NY she travelled abroad, advancing her Jewish education at a seminary in Melbourne, Australia. She has had extensive Jewish teaching experience in Ukraine, Vienna, and NY, and is currently the director of the Neshama Preschool.